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There are thousands of people across NSW who work in mining and depend on a strong mining industry for their livelihoods. 

Our mines pay $2 billion a year in royalties to the NSW Government which helps fund nurses in hospitals, teachers in schools and police on our streets. And in many places across NSW, our mining families are the lifeblood of regional communities, working alongside farmers, teachers, tradies, people in manufacturing, services and other industries.

There are many reasons to support mining and ensure that community leaders and decision-makers understand that there is strong support for mining and mining jobs in NSW. 

So join us and ensure that your voice is heard too. 

Voice for Mining Family Day

Join Voice for Mining to find out about how together we demonstrate the strong support for our mining families and our industry, like at Voice for Mining Family Day each year at Newcastle’s McDonald Jones Stadium when the Newcastle Knights play in a replica hi-vis mining jersey to help celebrate the good things mining brings. 

The annual event draws more than 20,000 people. 

The team wears the special replica hi-vis mining jersey twice each year in a visual representation of the connection between the club, rugby league fans and our mining communities. There are so many current and former players that have worked at our mines including Bill Peden, Steve Simpson, Nathan Ross and Josh King.

Will you be a Voice for Mining?

Most people recognise that a strong NSW mining industry means a strong economy and jobs that support thousands of workers and their families across our region.
We want to make sure your voice and the voices of the people that support our miners are heard by the state’s decision-makers.
Take action now if you want your voice heard too, register now at voiceformining.com.au